Mhammed El Alami & Naoufal Lamrani - Perfection

One of 2015's hottest talents on Always Alive Recordings was undoubtedly Moroccan Mhammed El Alami. Returning for the label's first release of 2016, Mhammed draws in fellow Moroccan Naoufal Lamrani in the aptly titled 'Perfection'.

Mhammed El Alami's trademark melodic sound has won him a steady stream of new fans and in 'Perfection' Mhammed's style is beautifully displayed with soothing leads, surging FX and delicate plucks. Naoufal Lamrani adds in a similarly gentle touch to result in a release that's a perfect merger between two Moroccan talents.

Mhammed El Alami continues to grow his Always Alive catalogue with 'Perfection' and introduces Naoufal Lamrani at the same time for a great start to 2016!

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