Mhammed El Alami & Manuel Rocca - Land of Grace

What happens when two incredibly talented producers join forces together to create a song? Well the answer is here, with Land of Grace from Mhammed El Alami & Manuel Rocca.

Starting off with an effective introduction, Mhammed El Alami & Manuel Rocca show all their skills in creating a great anticipation towards the main part of the song, with a minor pluck melody and a strong kick and bassline.

The composition then continues on to the main breakdown, which is orchestral oriented, with powerful strings and a compelling main melody. We can then admire their skills in delivering a powerful and emotional climax, which will make you bounce up and down, either on your chair at home or in a club.

A Radio Edit, a shortened version of the original mix, is also included in the pack.

Land of Grace marks one of the uplifting trance genre’s finest songs, a great collaboration between two tremendous artists.

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