Mhammed El Alami & CJ Arthur - Carrera

Founders & Co-Owners at Ennovate Recordings , Mhammed El Alami & Cj Arthur join forces to bring in life Carrera !

Carrera is a pure Trance collab where both producers were working on for a long time as they wanted to add all their mostly loved ideas and creativity to reflect their passion and to make a strong representer of the label's character .
Distance was not the problem as their first goal was to challenge their schedule and their discography to prove that sharing the same love for trance can bring the result they deserved and show the fans & other producers of Ennovate Recordings that if you want something really bad it's up to you to make it real ! The sound of Carerra is strong ,based on punchy drums and rolling basslines that groove the rythmic parts to finally bring euphoria to the ears of the listener through the melodic elements that rise in every step of the build up of the track.

The breakdown is nostalgic but also redeeming at the same time like a picture of nature's magic that both Mhammed El Alami & Cj Arthur were daydreaming while composing Carerra .

Ennovate's bosses for sure know how to uplift our emotions and share their love with the audience.

This Is Mhammed El Alami & Cj Arthur - Carerra (Original Mix)

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