Matt Chowski & Suzy Solar pres. Xenera

Polish producer Matt Chowski returns to Always Alive Recordings alongside US producer Suzy Solar's Xenera alias in the refreshingly different '1XE'.

Combining an evocative old-school, trippy female lead vocal around rough & rugged modern techniques, Matt Chowski & Suzy Solar's collaboration serves up a deep & brooding 'Dark' Mix to begin with. Featuring tough pads, grinding FX and airy atmosphere's the opening mix of '1XE' is an unrelenting peak-time monster.

Offering an alternative 'TechLift' Mix, '1XE' gets an emotive overhaul, whilst retaining the moody lead and introducing crunching pads & rippling, rising chords throughout.

Completing a sublime yet refreshingly different release on Always Alive, Matt Chowski & Suzy Solar pres. Xenera's collaborative debut ticks all the right boxes.

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