Mart Sine - The Moments

TFB Records presents its 174th release; a original track produced by Mart Sine, named The Moments; including the original mix and two incredible remixes by Danny Zero and Lakes.

What an amazing Uplifting sound we find in the original mix. Subtle voices are always welcome, we love them, and mixing them with such an incredible baseline is a great choice. We will be totally immersed into the song when the breakdown comes, and what this breakdown does is to release a vast amount of beauty to the mix, reaching incredible levels, and creating a luxurious atmosphere. It has been a long time since we last see this amount of beautiful sounds all together in the same song, it is undescriptible, is pure beauty. Take a serious look into this song if you want to feel how the Uplifting emotions rush beneath your skin. Totally deserved to say this is a masterpiece. Congratulations Mart Sine!

First remix is signed by Danny Zero, who has bet for a slightly more powerful baseline. The miracle voices appear to enhance the atmosphere and to help the progression to reach the breakdown. And it is in the breakdown where you would feel the lack of breathe. The incredible and heavenly melody is breathtaking, and all its beauty will flood all your veins with the mystical emotions that only Uplifting can inspire. Again we face serious problems to describe how magical is this song, how the melody embraces so good the baseline to create the perfect mix and to release such a beautiful sound. If you consider yourself a true lover of the purest Uplifting sound, do not miss this huge remix by Danny Zero. Stunning work, mate!

The producer Lakes is behind the remix which closes this release, and he brings to us a totally different sound, much more subtle and vaporous, with a clear and shining atmosphere which surrounds every beat since its very beginning. All this soft progression will start to steal our thoughts and feelings, preparing the path for the main melody. When this melody appears in the beginning of the breakdown, the immersion into the world of wonders would be completed, and the blood would be replaced by pure emotions and a flawless beauty in our veins. You better get ready and close your eyes to enjoy this unbeatable trip that you will never forget. Thanks Lakes to help us touching the sky one more time!

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