Back in early June, Markus Schulz fired the starting gun for sun-season with his single 'Summer Dream'. Taken from his critically praised 2016 'Watch The World' album, it saw him lyrically collaborating with eminently talented, LA/NY-shuttling songstress Mia Koo. Now, in some spectacular remix form, 'Dream's back and putting a fitting final flourish to the summer.

From its Original Album Mix, Markus has worked 'Summer Dream' up into a much requested/now-delivered-on Extended Mix. Additionally, young guns Anske and Jayceeoh contribute new perspectives to the track, which take it club-places far & wide.

Since his 'Epika E.P.' debuted on Coldharbour in February, Andrius 'Anske' Anskinas' star has been firmly in ascension. The Ukrainian producer boxes clever with his rework, managing at once to bring the remix package a red-blooded trance variation while retaining the quixotic essence of 'Dream's original themes.

For his remap, US producer Jayceeoh delivers an eclectic, electrifying mix of fiery hip-hop beats, creative, club-amping tempo shifts, catchy electro sub-shades and - finally - a blazing, crowd-flaming mainline.

Doing full and final justice to the track, Markus' own Extended version brings trance tempo & tone to 'Summer Dream'. He amplifies all its seasonally reflective lyrics, thermally uplifting either and harmonic highs into one, big, summer '16 encapsulating floor-roar!

On the writing and production of 'Summer Dream', Markus said: "For every memorable festival there is the unforgettable journey to get there. This song is about that bonding adventure, leaving everything behind. "You and Me together, we chase this dream forever… Above the clouds, it's a perfect view". Whether it's driving to Coachella, EDC or any other festival, this track is a soundtrack for that experience".

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