Mark Bester - Felia / Graviton (Remixes)

Mark Bester makes a welcome return with some outstanding remixes of his hit EP 'Felia & Graviton' from last year.

The starlet from Belarus blends a mish-mash of hard-knock beats, glittering melodic displays, unusual and heartfelt themes, poignant top lines and vocals, along with rich and boisterous undertones! Remixes come from eleven.five, Orbion & Winter State.

First on remixes duties taking Felia into deeper territories is the outstanding US based eleven.five who puts a different spin on Felia altogether.

Next up is Orbion who gives 'Graviton' a real dark and haughting twist, that would be perfect for building a set. Dropping into an outstanding piano breakdown that gives the hairs on the back of your neck a good shock. Outstanding work from Yev on this one.

Last but not least is fellow Belarus based Winter State giving Felia a real big bass lined big room feel on the remix. Great set of remixes from all three artists.

If you missed them the first time round the original mixes are included.

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