Delaforce Recordings presents its 16th release. A track produced by MarioMoS, titled ‘Promise’ including original mix and 3 superbly produced remixes by Allan McLuhan, Imida and Moonrise Temple.

The original mix: is a stunning piece of deep sound where the baseline performs a magnific progression creating a marvellous atmosphere. The addition of the first notes of the melody enhances this progression on its way to the breakdown. When this break comes in the ambience becomes impressively subtle and beautiful, taking us into a vast ocean of peace. The following uplift fills softly the sound with a decent tension in order to reach the moment when the melody shows all its magic together with the baseline. Very emotional and intense song by MarioMos, a true masterpiece for all the lovers of the mystic Trance!

The first remix: Allan McLuhan surprises us all with an ultra quality uplifted sound in his remix, the finest baseline possible leads the progression of the first part of the song, making the path to the breakdown. The melody just shows a few notes before the breakdown comes. When we finally fall into the break, a deep atmosphere embraces us and some deep sounds perform a really mystic melody. With a marvellous and a powerful uplift, the tension rises and the cloud of sounds start to build up in order to explode and release the climax. It is then, with the main part of the song, when we will truly realise how deep the soul of this song is, and how dark the surrounding ambience is. But somehow, the producer has achieved a great goal by keeping the magic of the melody with its shinning notes, making a very beautiful contrast of sounds. Amazing remix by Allan McLuhan who brings top quality music for the true lovers of Trance sound.

The second remix: Imida is the producer who signs the remix of this song, and soon we will notice the extra power he has put into the baseline. The atmosphere remains as brilliant as it was in the original, shining with subtle pads and a special mystic soul. The most emotional moment comes with the breakdown where a marvellous sound appears together with a whispered voice that drives us into the unexplored world of deep feelings. A short uplift will introduce the climax of the song where the melody gets its highest moment and where the mix of all the different sounds becomes a flawless gem of quality and beauty. Unbeatable remix by Imida of this awesome tune!

The third remix: Moonrise Temple increases the power of the beats to ensure a stunning baseline in his remix. This power welcomes us into the progression of this gorgeous song, where a lot of acid sounds will be added soon. With a very nice mix of sounds we reach the breakdown, where a very soft sound performs a breathtaking melody, full of magic which will carry on a short uplift releasing a decent amount of tension before exploding into the rush of sounds. Get ready to cross over and enter a new dimension created by Moonrise Temple in this very special remix. You won't be disappointed once you have heard this top quality Uplifting tune!

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