Marcprest & Volmax feat. Aylin Aloski - Eternal Love

"Marcprest & Volmax feat. Aylin Aloski - Eternal Love is a very special track for Linger and this time Linger gave this special track responsibility to very talented young bloods, known for their Uplifting emotional stuffs, and then our Linger Label Manager and A&R Marco Prestini also known as Marcprest and the vocalist is very young talented girl Aylin Aloski. God gave her so much beautiful voice. This team work gave us very nice song called Eternal Love.
Volmax (Gabriel Laperrire) is a Trance DJ Producer who started to listen Trance music very young at the age of 8 years. After studying one year in management and stagecraft now he is doing the best he can to make a career of his passion He raised in a little village in the middle of mountain and ocean from which it draws much inspiration. He also started deejaying at the age of 12 did some schools parties and festivals in his region. He recently signed some track with some big labels like DMAX, Pulsar, TFB etc.

Marcprest is Italian Trance producer, real name is Marco Prestini Born in Brescia,Italy. Listens to trance already as a kid, in 2013 began producing his own music and he is known for his own style. Master of emotional melodies. He is also our label manager and A&R manager and very hardworking man. Handling label very professionally and he has very good nature.

Aylin Aloski, she is very passionate about what she do and she is very hard working girl. She is so kind enough that she never say no to any person, she always happy to help anyone who needs it. The song she wrote is about love obviously, the Eternal Love and how your partner is always there to pick you up when you fall and never leave your side. They're always watching over you."

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