MagicSense - Imagination

TFB Records presents its 167th release, with the original track Imagination produced by MagicSense; including the original mix and two amazing remixes by Arman Bass and UP3.

The original mix presents a gorgeous uplifting sound since its very beginning, mixing a massive bassline with some acid ingredients to create a stunning atmosphere. The energy leads the intro, where few elements of the melody are shown; but when the breakdown comes, the peaceful ambience surrounds everything, imprinting such a magical feeling with its soft and beautiful sounds, performing an unbeatable break. A fantastic slow uplift will enhance the end of this break, adding the tension before the climax. When we reach this point, the true power of the melody is mixed with the bassline with the purpose of switching off our mind and let the uplifting take the lead of our thoughts. Enjoy this gem produced by MagicSense!

The talented spanish producer, Arman Bas, signs a wonderful first remix, with a remarkable dark soul carried out by a vast bassline; the addition of some great acid sounds to the mix create a mystic atmosphere which leads us into the breakdown. This break is completely overwhelming, led by such a beautiful melody and a marvelous mystic atmosphere. The melody gives way for the uplift to imprint some tension with its very unique sounds, which help with the rising of energy and the final explosion of sound. Massive remix by Arman Bas with a pretty wild soul and some aggressive sounds to take the uplifting taste several steps forward. Do not miss this masterpiece of unique sound! Congratulations Arman.

Second remix included is the one produced by UP3, a master of the energetic sound. And this is what we find on this remix: an unstoppable bassline leading the intro since the first beat, creating in the background a magnific dark atmosphere, which is enhanced with some subtle pads and a great acid progression. The breakdown comes quietly, surrounded by the perfect atmosphere, to release its astonishing magical sound. Such an incredible rush of peace is noticed within this break, and right after it, the uplift will start to rise with some perfect riffs which end in the key point. Get ready to let the energy of this remix flood your mind, and the magic created by UP3 to drive your emotions to the never-ending world of uplifting. Huge remix by UP3, thanks mate!

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