Madstation - Identity

TFB Records proudly presents its 179th release, with the magnific song produced by Madstation named Identity; including original mix and two amazing remixes by Obi and Mart Sine.

The original song presents a great mix of Uplifting sounds, with a gorgeous baseline and a brilliant progression full of marvelous sounds. When the breakdown comes, a huge acid sounds comes in to perform the melody and with the early uplift achieves a stunning tension. After this, the final mix of the baseline with the melody reaches perfection, releasing such an incredible amount of power with brightful sounds. A second short break will enhance the final part of the song, making it totally suitable for the best uplifting sets with its perfect progression and the real taste of a masterpiece. Congratulations Madstation for this gem!

Obi's remix starts with a much darker baseline, performing a surprising progression full of great changes and with all the power a dark baseline brings in. It would be impossible not to felt surrounded by the deep soul and the gorgeous atmosphere presented, so get ready to let your mind fall into this wild world. When the breakdown comes in, sounds from the outer space will fill the whole atmosphere, together with an epic ambience. Once we feel lost into the vast deep space, a rush of energy and tension brought with the massive uplift will bring us back into our feet to get shocked by the extremely wild explosion of sound. It is just impossible to describe how wild the song goes after this, we just can advice you to prepare your feet and mind for this. Obi surprises us all again with this remix of an untold quality.

The second remix we find in this release is signed by Mart Sine, who has bet for a more standard Trance sound, keeping the spirit of the original, but adding an impressive lead with an awesome heavenly taste which leads the progression. Everything calms down in the breakdown and the magic appears as a soft voice enhancing the quick start of the melody rising with energy to the uplift. Right after it, everything is mixed into what we can only call a huge masterpiece of Trance music. Mart Sine has made it in such a stunning way, he has mixed a powerful baseline with an astonishing melody full of magic, achieving the perfect mix for this kind of music. Five minutes of a very intense Trance feeling is what you will find into this remix! Thank you Mart Sine!

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