Luna Light - Aura EP

Launching onto Mondo and making their debut in fine style is UK based duo Luna Light. After catching our ear with their productions, we had to snap up some music from these guys and bring it to the masses.

Opening their debut EP with 'Aura', the Luna Light sound instantly grabs you thanks to the cool, laid back groove and plucky keys easing you into the mix. At the break, those keys really come alive and their choice of chords really hit the spot. Thanks to a killer lead and some pinpoint craftsmanship, the guys have served up a real treat to open the EP.

On the flip, there's 'Sapphire' which continues in the same vein with a killer groove and infectious chords guiding you into the mix. The guys really know how to push the right buttons when it comes to creating a pure musical journey and have come up with the goods once more.

A stellar debut here from the Luna Light guys - do not miss this!

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