LTN feat. Christina Novelli - Feeling Like Yeah (Remixes)

Following up on the successful collaboration effort between Louis 'LTN' Tan and Christina Novelli, Enhanced Progressive welcomes the remix package featuring remixes from two of the biggest names in the progressive trance scene today and a superb LTN 'Sunrise' version.

Injecting his elegant progressive sounds into the original, the first remix offers a different take from LTN in his Sunrise version. Cut back, chopped up and sprinkled with LTN's trademark FX, the 'Sunrise' version creates a beautifully simple rendition perfect for sunrise or sunset.

Accompanying the LTN 'Sunrise' remix are two versions from some of the most in-demand producers in trance & progressive at the moment. Alexander Popov is a man who needs no introduction and his energetic rendition brings out Christina's vocals alongside some slightly darker, yet still euphoric chords - a remix in high demand after recent airplay on ASOT.

Rounding off the remix package is progressive stalwart Terry Da Libra, known for his delectable progressive style and this remix proves no different with lush chords, elegant progression and warm pads.

An awesome remix package showcasing a wide variety of in-demand talents, Alexander Popov, Terry Da Libra and LTN breathe new life into an already huge release!

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