Lost Witness vs Iversoon & Alex Daf - Sienna

With the fabulous tracks to sign and huge feedbacks from listeners, we at Blue Soho have solidified the fact that uplifting trance is still here to stay. Today, we reinforce this statement with another amazing uplifter, this time from big debut by Lost Witness & Iversoon and Alex Daf !

Sienna is an amazing track full of pure emotion. A gentle trance riff kicks off the track before the enchanting pads take over. A lush progression keeps things flowing as the track quickly becomes more and more intense. By the time the climax has hit, you are well and truly hooked.

Denis Sender remix takes the track on a much more harder route. Designed with the club in mind, the track keeps what's best from the original and kicks things up a notch in the bass and percussion. The breakdown is simply breath-taking, before the massive beat kicks the track back into action.

Sean Matthews returns to the uplifting sound with a great take on the original. Piano is the key player this time around, as well as a huge pads and strings section.

Almar finishes off the package with another huge trancer, but with a much more original sound selection, most notably the lead section and backing pads. As the title suggests, this is a track truly reminiscent of days gone.

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