Loobosh & Laucco - Czechoslovakia

Laucco, one part from well-known Czech project tranzLift, has teamed up with another promising producer in the field from Slovakia - Loobosh.

They have connected their skills to the very special and emotional track, which decided to bring us to the long time history of these nations - Czechoslovakia. Beyond The Stars Recordings proudly shows how powerful can be this collaboration between these nations. Czechoslovakia is a powerful and strong emotional trance with very specific melodic line, which definitely will get your attention.

Release is also supported with one remix from an uplifting king Andy Elliass. His version is very epic with gorgeous piano moments, that you will never forget.

You will definitely keep this release in your mind - same as we keep Czechoslovakia in our hearts, for ever ...

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impressive melody from the duo, great melodic remix from Andy Ellias :O :O