Locus - Thera

Belgian veteran artist Locus returns to AscendanceAudio after an earlier remix contribution with an utterly fresh and uniquely uplifting yet banging track that screams of happiness and joy in its composition and message conveyed.

Through music, he brings a sensation that makes one feel as if lifted and flying freely amidst his deep and powerful trademark "Locus-Style Kick" with AscendanceAudio's latest unique release "Thera".

A turn from his usual dark tech trance, this veteran shows his versatility in his understanding of music through simplicity in design with Thera's old school feel and classic chord progression, but executed and composed in a way it reeks complexity at the same time, sounding fresh and utterly uplifting with an aura of happiness and drive, evoking emotion to the listener of whom it beholds.

Arrakeen had to have a go at this with a brand new sound set that is if anything, extremely hyper with a non-stop assault of his signature rolling bassline but brand new hand crafted kick and an analog top layer synthesized lead and sequence, coupled with atmosphere that is truly organic and practically alive as the dynamics and electronic yet organic movement enhances that happy sensation and keeping in line with the old school epic theme, the breakdown is pure hands in the air followed by an ultra fast attack buildup leading to an assault of beats, bass and synths. The uplift is just so immense with instrumentation that complement so well the final product takes the the listener into "Hyperdrive" mode, it must be heard to be appreciated.

Closing off the pack, Danny Zero also returns to AscendanceAudio, this time on remix duty. One of our strongest artists we foresee as the next rising star, he took his time to perfect a sound that varies from the original in a different structure altogether, but with that same massive drive from the mixes of the veterans before him, providing a very powerful yet just as organic and huge a remix with a breakbeat breakdown and a truly unique take, retaining the identity of "Thera" in his own special sound. This young artist is set to go places with his dedication to perfecting his art with every release.

Enjoy "Thera", by the one and only Locus!

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