Liuck & Neev Kennedy's evocative vocal Original rip-roared through the Trance world back in its release earlier this year. Bringing back Neev Kennedy's spine-tingling vocals, two of DSR's familiar talents switch up Liuck's Original in two exciting new takes.

Kicking off with Polish talents The Cracken, 'Let This Go' turns into a beautifully complete journey through Neev's standout vocal delivery and Liuck's emphatic chord play all beefed up with The Cracken's brilliant euphoric edge to result in a euphoric, pulsing Trancer.

Next up PARITY throw down a flexing & rolling yet uplifting remix filled with airy chords, growling bass and euphoric energy to tie off a brilliant remix release fully exploring Neev Kennedy's evocative lyrics and Liuck's heartfelt production in superb style.

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