Our founding member for 'Beyond Perception Music' and founding member for 'AscendanceAudio' show how far we've come in this spectacular magical uplift of sound!

LiMZ has been with us since day one, and his beautiful melodies have only grown in mass as he improves in quality of production AND melodic manipulation to bring wondrous feelings of airiness and floating ascension;"Flaming Skies" is the culmination of his growth as an artist and a 'fine uplifting piece' hardly describes it.

Aeden has been with us on AscendanceAudio and was the catalyst that triggered the then spin-off label branding, now turned independent in great part thanks to his continual contribution and his yearning to experiment and constantly improve. Today, he brings forth a new more driving and energetic sound with his remix of "Flaming Skies". Hear to believe!

Closing off the package is a radio friendly edit to cut to the chase and bring that melody to your embrace... Enjoy this magnificent piece of uplift!

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