Lewis Duggleby & Mark Landragin - Rotation

London-based producers Lewis Duggleby & Mark Landragin come to Digital Society Recordings in their first collaborative effort on the label with 'Rotation'.

Firmly rooted with nostalgic lead melodies, anthemic FX and rolling bass, Lewis & Mark's Original is a tightly produced trip down memory lane propelled by emotive chords and plenty of atmospherics.

Completing the release, fellow UK-based producer Amir Hussain returns to the label with an emphatic, driving Remix injecting another level of surging Trance energy into 'Rotation'. Filled with deftly placed FX, sweeping atmospherics coupled with the Original's powerful nostalgic tendencies, Amir's Remix rounds of a perfectly complete release.

We welcome Lewis Duggleby & Mark Landragin to the label for the first time with the stellar 'Rotation'.

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