Lafale - New Leaves

A new artist named 'Lafale' comes to Linger Records! Is a new promise of the Uplifting Trance from Japan, and brings to us an amazing tune with great strength and a melody which conveys positive vibes. Also the release is complete with 3 massive remixes by: 'Dave Cold', an important Uplifting Trance producer of the scene and now comes as new in Linger Records. He brings a big work with an awesome power and quality. 'LekSin', whom you know very well if you are one of our followers, and as always brings to us an strong remix in his line Uplifting Trance. And 'David Surok', who previously brought to us Original tunes, now comes with another great remix, also Uplifting. This pack is 100% Uplifting Trance and completely recommended with all the tracks of great quality. So, you can't miss this full release!

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