Next up on Sundance Recordings is something really beautiful. Katylyst and Kiran M Sajeev have teamed up to produce their next collaboration track titled, 'Never Say Goodbye'.

The original mix kicks off with a solid bassline and bright leads which compose a beautiful intro, followed by the breakdown with full of emotional elements such as piano melody and soft pads, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. 'Never Say Goodbye' rises with a great uplifting melody.

First up on the remix duties, Abide returns to Sundance Recordings with his splendid dreamy, uplifting and euphoria mix, integrated with gentle plucks, an emotional breakdown & euphoric leads.

Guatamala sensation, Lusvin Alexander takes the original to another level with his tough and powerful version, giving 'Never Say Goodbye' a driving edge that is complimented by a melodic break and an infectious lead riff atmosphere down to the outbreak of the music!

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