Katrin Souza - Butterfly

We welcome back Katrin Souza with her first original track on Sunstate called Butterfly. Incredible deep and melodic progressive vibes from this Russian female producer. She keeps amazing us with her deep style and a touch of melodic, this time with Butterfly.
Atmospheric intro sounds and smooth percussion, with a deep bassline and vocal sounds. Then she suprises us with a amazing floating melody that completes this wonderfull track.

The package comes with remixes by etablished producers Stasik T and Mindmusik and a comeback by Norwegian producer Eleve.
Stasik T his remix starts of with a great deep atmosphere and sweeth rhythm and percussion. His version builds up towards a fantastic breakdown with melodic synths and great vocal pads.

Mindmusik his version starts a little bit more tech with cool vocal effects and classic vibed intro chords and finishes with the amazing main lead combined with deep backing synths.
Eleve returns with a more progressive remix and introducing a top notch bassline with melodic synthwork and sweeth chord melodies.
Showing us his talent with a perfect breakdown with beautiful Strings and Plucksounds, this all combined towards a main part wich lets us enjoy the beauty of progressive music.

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