Jonathan Carvajal - Ten

Big trance talent Jonathan Carvajal makes his debut on Blue Soho with an uplifting bomb, called "Ten"!

After their previous releases on major trance labels, this guy delivers yet another stunning uplifting work. Original Mix is a tender, yet energetic production, with the carefully engineered sound that inevitably makes you move your feet - perhaps not exactly a club banger, but who said floating trance isn't suited for workouts and marathons?

Both of the remixers have taken a faster techy uplifting approach to "Ten", still keeping the essence of the original in their works. While the remix from Sunset & OzzyXPM, supported by Armin van Buuren at WAO138 special episode, is leaning more to the uplifting trance side of things, with its reverb-loaded infectious lead synth and heavy bassline, the Vlind remix is a more techy version, riding on a driving jumpy beat and banger melodic synths. If you prefer your trance in the instrumental form, all the three flavours of this track come with exactly what you need!

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