John Grand - Intertia / Interstellar

After the success of his EP's in 2015, picking up plaudits by Armin and his merry band of brothers, John Grand returns with another sure-fire double-A side, 'Intertia / Interstellar' to start his 2016 off with a bang!

The American producer delivers two more explosive numbers that are set to make lots of noise packed full of energy and destruction for the dance floors, lapping up serving 205 on Alter Ego Progressive!

'Intertia' teases with a powerful intro, licking its lips at what's next to come before gliding its way into a deluxe melodic breakdown! John squeezes in a super infectious plucked sequence accompanied by a gorgeous pad theme before it thrashes back into life, full force with a big melodic punch!

On the flip is 'Interstellar' with its smooth yet racing undertones, soaring pads and a groove that will light up any stage! A powerful and emotive theme leads in the breakdown along with a very infectious melody that engages instantly!

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