Jean Clemence - Falling

Mr. French 'Jean Clemence' with 'Falling' sets his steps into the label's releases. SBLR041 presents a bouncy progressive track followed by a square lead and full on background drives. The emotional pads in the build up create a warm feeling to the track all the way to the breakdown where they control the ambiance when the main lead comes in and starts building for an intense climax. The piano add just before the drop gives the track a variety of emotions. An inspiring, emotional & energetic original to say the least.

The first remix duty comes from no other than Russian talent 'Michael Milov' setting his marks with the label, after his first release early on, this time with a bit of his style, keeping his original sounds and going a bit emotional with the composition. A piano concentrated build up, followed by an instrumental break where all sorts of strings come in & the original voices unleash its feelings. Not to forget the acoustic drums followed by a monster lead which takes over all the way till the outro with a return of the piano as a second coming.

Taking the bpms to lower grounds, Mehdi Belkadi, the Moroccan talent, inspires us with a jumpy energetic build up, where pianos are there to give a special touch for the groovy part. An instrumental break, very original than the last two takes control giving the track his own touch. Very concentrated saw lead sounds dominate the drop and recreate the fancy energy presence of the first part, to re-implicate another thrilling attack formed to this track, in which it has a certainty to be liked!

Finalizing the release & new to our label, it's a remix done by the rising Egyptian talent 'KAYAT'. Another different composition in the pack where he took his talents to form a creative uplifting reconstruction, going a bit harder than his fellow remixers. Despite the solid buildup, a very calm cultural breakdown inspired by the traditional Oud instrument gives it a very unique mark. The driving lead & basslines kick in, edging it to an energetic level. The re-appearance of the Oud in a different sequence makes the second part of the climax very interesting.

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