Javy X feat. Stephannie Braghiroli - Perfect Time

TFB Records presents its stunning 141st release, a track produced by Javy X in collaboration with Stephannie Braghiroli called Perfect Time. This release includes the amazing number of 8 tracks; original mix and dub mix; Acues remix and dub mix; Denis Sender remix and dub mix; Vitaly Otto remix and dub mix. Simply amazing.

The original song releases a magnificent trance essence, gathering an impressive baseline with an incredible variety of sounds performing a stunning progression. The magic of the atmosphere is absolutely amazing, and it is enhanced by the brilliant voice with its shining colours. The happy feeling is highly noticed, but it is perfectly mixed into a serious structure, achieving a real vaporous sensation. We can say this is 100% Trance sound, no need to add more labels; this is the way you expect this magical sound to be, not too strong, neither too soft, just with the perfect amount of all its ingredients. Congratulations to Javy X for this vast original and to Stephannie Braghiroli for her magical voice.

First remix we find is the one signed by Acues, this talented spanish producer has bet for a more powerful sound on his remix, getting closer to the uplifting sound. The acid points are the ones leading the progression, but they are extremely good mixed with the heavenly atmosphere created by the vocalist. The remixer has got the perfect balance between the magic of the voice and a good baseline with a lot of power; releasing, indeed, an immense trance sensation, with all the key points. Huge congratulations to Acues for his stunning remix.

Next remix has been produced by Denis Sender. He presents a magnificent progressive sound with a soft baseline and an incredible atmosphere. The ambience created since the beginning is amazing, and it gets higher and higher as the progression grows. It ends up in a sublime breakdown where the magical voice appears and where all the flavour of the progressive house sound will be released. Such a different point of view the one presented by Denis Sender, with a softer rhythm and a heavenly essence, that will carry us into the world of progressive sounds. Perfect choice and unbeatable result, thank you Denis.

The third remixer taking part on this release is Vitaly Otto, the one who has imprint the greatest power to his remix. A massive uplifting baseline will welcome us with all its energy, but it is the voice the one enhancing the whole mix, creating an impressive uplifting taste. Gorgeous work done by Vitaly, keeping the most part of the original essence, and gathering it so incredibly with the untold power of the baseline. This is the most suitable remix if you are looking for a pure uplifting experience. No doubt there couldn't be a better way of closing this release!! Awesome Vitaly Otto!

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