J-Adiction & Jim Kashel - The Sad Reality

TFB Records presents its 137th release, a original track produced by J-Adiction & Jim Kashel, called The sad reality; including original mix and a gorgeous remix by DJ Geri & Elitist.

Two excellent producers have worked together to bring us a progressive song; genre which we haven't released for a long time. The song focuses on its vaporous progression, with a remarkable baseline and a gentle use of the sub bass. Keeping the melody in low frequencies helps a lot in the creation of a dark and serious atmosphere. This ambience will surround the whole song, even the break, showing only a few winks of brightness. We are more than proud of releasing such a wonderful progressive sound, with an incredible level of quality and a highly noticed personal touch on its inner soul. Huge congratulations to J-Adiction & Jim Kashel.

We find again two producers signing the remix, DJ Geri & Elitist. These guys have given the song a greater ambience, making it more suitable for dancefloors. The soul keeps its mystic character but the baseline gets some additional ingredients to enhance the clubby taste. The song is a stunning masterpiece, highly advisable for the best warm ups, gathering a soft sound with the perfect dose of magic and this incredibly vaporous ambience. Progressive sound of the highest quality; the perfect choice for starting every summer night. Massive work by remixers DJ Geri & Elitist.

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