Iversoon & Alex Daf feat. Sally Corlett - Don't Let It Go

We proudly welcome Iversoon & Alex Daf on our roster and in collaboration with a talented singer Sally Corlett.

The first glimpse of the track you hear the funky filtered basslines with a warm pluck and euphoric ad-libs, proving the duo haven't made your average trance track. After a short break the beautiful vocals of Sally Corlett fit in perfectly with the raspy techy bass! Fast forward into the track and the heavenly vocals don’t stop there. The catchy hook carries you towards the breakdown where even the riff does the track even more justice. Then the drop comes and the tech is back, this track is perfect for any dj to build up a set!

Now onto the B-Side and the Pablo Artigas Remix has done the original more favours! His input certainly proves the progressive sound is still alive. This remix doesn't disappoint from start to finish. Pablo keeps his remix minimal and lets the vocals do the work towards the breakdown; this is where you hear the full potential of this track! The mighty mainroom riff will have the audience reaching high for those lasers! During the buildup the track could swing either way leaving the listener questioning what is coming next. The drop comes and the big mainroom sound suits the track perfectly. This track is perfect for the progressive fans out there!

The 2nd and final remix of this track is provided by Denis Sender. From the start of the track his modern percussion and build up has the listener begging for more! The subtle bassline and sidechain pads fit together perfectly. The warm pads in the breakdown sit behind the huge vocals of Sally Corlett. Guaranteed this remix will have the dancefloor screaming along to the chorus. The build up hits us and the drop lets the mainroom chords stand out from the rest of the track and the percussion certainly keeps the track interesting! This remix will not disappoint you!

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