Next up on our Progressive line we have a refreshing debut all the way from the Russian by another new artist to the label 'Irdi', dishing up the lovely 'Higher' for release 220! A great debut from this new talent. On remix duties we have Anden State & Mr Andre & Keywork.

The original kicks off with a blend of warm driving beats, glittering melodic displays, heartfelt themes, playful vocal work and rich undertones. Bouncing out of the breakdown to a stunning piano melody and very catchy vocal chop. An outstanding debut release from this young Russian.

Hungarian based producer Anden State takes on remix duties for the first of two remixes, and serves up beautiful summer inspiring aural gem, with warm melodies, beautiful lulling pianos & a real emotive and soothing theme. The typical Anden State sound.

Mr Andre & Keywork take care of the last remix of 'Higher' with a blended concoction of silky beats, warm undertones, sincere themes, poignant top lines and a beautiful arrangement. Great package of remixes.

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