Imida - Not Afraid of the Roller Coaster

TFB Records proudly presents its 103rd release, a track produced by Imida called Not afraid of the roller coaster; including original mix and two amazing remixes by Carlos Martz and RageVision.

The original mix is an amazing uplifting track which shows a very high level of quality since the very beginning. A quite dark atmosphere meets the main baseline enhancing it and giving a perfect deep character to the song. The energy of the melody is also shown early on the track, with a beautiful progression and a stunning power. It gives way for the breakdown to come and to lower the rhythm for a while. However, the energy of the melody remains on the break, but an amazing quiet atmosphere helps on making the perfect tension just before everything explodes. Intense uplifting song created by Imida, with a simple melody but with a huge background and a lot of details that truly makes of this song a story which deserves to be listened. Trance on one of its purest ways.

First remix we find is the one produced by Carlos Martz, who has bet for keeping the trancy baseline with a higher focus on the progression and on the percussion sounds. Anyhow, the energy seems to have not suffered any change and also the atmosphere and the background remain as dark as they were on the original, even deeper. These little winks to psychedelic that Carlos used to add to his productions really help the atmosphere to go deep as hell and to create a dark sensation surrounding the song that will surprise every listener. Really intense remix, pretty well produced and with a stunning result. The kind of track you want to listen on every dark Trance set, with an unbeatable level of quality which would be seriously enjoyed by the greatest lovers of electronic music. Great job by Carlos Martz.

The second remix is signed by RageVision, who has also bet for an uplifting sound, but an uplifting with a great taste of emotional. After a perfect intro, the breakdown will elevate our minds into the skies with such an amazing atmosphere and the magical progression the melody performs. The uplift has not any presence on this remix in order to achieve this kind of soft transition which allows the magic of the melody to become the main character and to let the progression flows through the whole song. This remix has indeed an enormous level of beauty within every of its beats. Highly remarkable work by the remixer, achieving this change of atmosphere and character at the same time that he has kept the uplifting and the most of the energy. Congratulations to RageVision.

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