Let the sweet melodies make your day as we introduce our newest release to your ears. The next one comes from Hiromori Aso, a Japanese producer who already proved himself with more than a couple of quality releases that are reminiscent of the old school sound. The newest production is titled You Are Not Alone, and as he told us, serves as a dedication to all the people out there who got bullied in their teen lives. The really fragile, plucked guitar in the breakdown tells exactly one such story, if things go too far, people can be left emotionally broken and without confidence to continue living their lives to the fullest. This song aims to offer comfort to everyone who got tormented, letting them know that they are not alone.

On the first remix we have a very well-known producer TrancEye, offering his own vision of this delicate track. It opens up with some pitch raising synths, but soon the mellow plucks take over and atmosphere changes in an instant. Breakdown features familiar melodies joined with a powerful synths and newly composed notes that have really sat well within the rest of the production.

Another talented producer from Poland has took a challenge on himself to produce a remix for this track as well. His artist name is DreamLife and what he has done here has really surprised us. The composition takes the main concept to a whole new level. The sweet uplifting beats and melodies that will make your soul float away, is just what real trance music is all about. This take puts a perfect end to the story of Hiromori's You Are Not Alone trance track.

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