The latest release on Pulsar Recordings starts with a deep pounding bass and old school rhythms. The producer behind it is Hiromori Aso from Japan whose great productions you have already heard on our label. Never Ending Truth provide us with a catchy looped synths in the intro and rich pads in the breakdown that reveal a beautifully soft piano line. Hat rolls starts going off announcing changes and bringing us a new synth lead which will carry us all the way. To make things even more amazing, the piano gets reintroduced bringing total harmony upon the listeners.

On the remix front of Never Ending Truth we have a newly signed trance producer from Iran that goes by the name Last Soldier. As soon as you hit play you will notice those rolling basslines, tight kicks and euphoric atmosphere that is built around it, a definition of uplifting trance. The original was craving for this kind of a treatment, but the true beauty rests in the heart of this piece, once the guitar strings hit your ear drums you will know why. From there on it just gets better and better with the introduction of the wavery violins and amazing effects that go along with it.

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