Hiroki Nagamine - Forever & Ever EP

Japanese trance samurai Hiroki Nagamine is back with more explosive and uplifting chimes taking care of release 190 on Blue Soho main imprint with a bold and ultra melodic double-A side, Forever & Ever and The Blink Of Time.

Hiroki shows a very distinctive sound on each of the tracks combining both poignant melodies and real dreamy, pure peak time uplifting finery!

Forever & Ever is heading to package as it built upon very powerful and ominous chords with a fabulous top line and dreamy pads! Emotive melodies sound out in the break, backed up by some very touching progressions, making it a real roller-coaster journey from the sound off!

The Blink Of Time takes off from its partners last breath, in the same vein with high intensity tones, rolling undertones, crispy percussion and tension building sequences! Gorgeous plucks are introduced in the break along with a very endearing theme before striking off into a picture perfect climax! Something uplifting lovers cannot miss!

Another belter EP from Hiroki without any doubt!

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