Gianne Echavarre - Paraiso

Straight from the sunny islands of Philippines comes a new release on Pulsar Recordings by the artist named Gianne Echavarre. His debut track entitled Paraiso starts with heavy beats, big basslines and swirly atmospheric sounds. Soon the track reveals one if its first main leads, and the more we listen the more we fall under its spell. The magical piano melodies and those heaven like pads get under our skin and bring a sea of positive emotions that continue carrying us away into its own paradise.

Ukrainian talent Andy Groove is here with us to provide his take of the Paraiso. The intro starts in a similar way as the original but with slightly different sound textures while in the breakdown all focus is on that magical piano line that has that same dreamy feeling. As for the main leads, they are tuned to perfection and have that true power any uplifting trance track should have.


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