George Kamelon returns to Ternary with a hypnotic original mix & a craftly remix produced by another home runner Skylex.

In the original mix, Kamelon augments his reputation as of the most outstanding production that he has made. Between the deep rooted kick and bass colloboration, sampled vocals and the signature trance leads, “Scarlett” grooves in all the right ways. The fresh, yet classic drop brings contrast to the track and perfect foundation of what electronic music is about.

Stripping back the original, Skylex focuses on a swelling, classic rolling-bass trance groove accentuated by heavy beat driven percussion that methodically slices through the composition. The heavy reverberating claps and syncopated hats form the backbone of the track, endowing it with a commanding tone as Skylex once again proves his ability to create a perfectly balanced soundscape. The finished product is sublime - a primal cut, warm and full, rendered with marked precision. With melodic/euphoria drop, Skylex concludes his masterpiece to deliver visionnare remix of the track.

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