French Skies - Orient

Massive sounds are about to engulf as French Skies takes things Eastward with 'Orient'... A true global unification of veterans in all things Trance...

Unique ethnic vocals and the very artistic use of the Duduk flute sets this release far apart but even more so with its all star cast of the finest artists gathering to celebrate the sound of PROPER Trance!

Fellow Frenchmen Aeden and Stephane Badey create some magic with Aeden's signature sound in a "classical uplifting" mix and Badey ripping the boundaries of style apart with a Psy-Uplifting variation that is truly in a class of its own.

Romanian wonder Nikolauss sends his regards with a new and unique melodic line with brilliance in production with his new direction of epic, driving and daring acid filled energy with a breakdown that is sublime and true to the 'Orient'.

And what is the 'Orient' without the Far East's finest onboard... Label chief Arrakeen makes a sensational mind-blowing genre bender that hypnotizes as it
massacres at the same time... A haunting breakdown in true Eastern Ethnic Orchestral form coupled with his signature kick bass combo but pushed to its dynamic boundaries and quite literally 'uplifts' the listener in a contradicting epic assault of beats, bass, melody and atmosphere is something to behold...

We handpicked the FINEST for this release... Yet it is only Part One... It will only get better!

Part Two due in Q1 2016. For now, this should keep every stereo on high volume for some time... Guaranteed!

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