FloE - Titanium

TFB Records presents its 78th release, a track called Titanium by FloE; including original mix and two fantastic remixes.

The original track is an ode to the great times, an amazingly well produced baseline will intruduce the song and will be present until the end. A great progression starts showing the melody and it gives path for the breakdown to come. The break is the time for all the emotion to explode, with its fantastic happy sensation and its positive feeling, an awesome break to let our best dreams come to our mind. A huge track for the best dancefloors and large festivals, conveying great feelings. Congratulations FloE.

First remix comes by the hand of Elleu, and he has transformed the song into the kind of massive tune you would like to listen on every festival. The power of this track and its feeling is just amazing, it is inviting everyone to dance and jump wildly. A great baseline and a lot of original and different sounds are mixed on the song to feel the real big room ambience. Incredibly massive track for the craziest dancefloors and festivals.

Second remix has been produced by Ula, and again the song has been turned upside down, becoming a beautiful uplifting track. The happy soul of the original has been kept with a fantastic baseline and an angelical voice added to create this special feeling of the uplifting music. The breakdown is a perfect oasis of peace and beauty, where the soul of the song will stun us all. The magical melody gathered with the voice will raise with the uplift until the explotion of sound. Fantastic uplifting song which has kept the essence of the original.

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