Flatlex - Timeless

TFB Records presents its 71st release, a track called "Timeless" by our well known producer Flatlex; including original mix and two amazing remixes.

On the original mix we will find a pretty well built uplifting track, with a subtle but powerful bassline. A great progression embraces the whole song, showing each new sound at its very moment. A beautiful melody enhances the vaporous sensation and gives way for the breakdown. A dark atmosphere surrounds this break, with a deep lead outstanding and creating a huge but beautiful tension before the upcoming uplift. A subtle way of reach the climax is what the producer has chosen, a very well built structure to launch the whole power of the song. This song is a vast example of how uplifting can combine a great atmosphere and a subtle character with a magnificent bassline and a powerful bass. Incredible work by Flatlex.

First remix has been produced by Eastern Sound, and this producer has kept the deep soul of the original, giving more presence to the piano melody, which helps the song showing its vast beauty. We face an uplifting track with a remarkable bassline but focusing on an astonishing atmosphere and ambient, and above all, a marvelous melody surrounding every beat, which make the song an incredibly mystic piece. The breakdown is filled with such an amazing piano, combined with a great lead performing a perfect tension and uplift. Such a marvel of emotional sound can not be missed by the great lovers of emotions. This would be the outstanding jewel of every emotional set.

Finally, we came across the second remix, which has been produced by Imida. This time, the remix recovers the common power of the uplifting music, but it has explored a new way of how give a song a deep character. An amazing progression will give way for the moment of pure peace of the breakdown. A miraculous piano performs an incredibly beautiful melody, which will enter in our hearts. The purest uplift and climax follow this break, transforming the song into a vast masterpiece of magical uplifting. It is hard to describe such a magical and, at the same time, so powerful song. This remix deserves a great mention in this release.

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