TFB Records presents its 194th release with the marvelous song produced by Flatlex, Shooting Star; including original mix and two additional remixes by Abide and Omniks.

The original mix surprises us since its very beginning with the extraordinary magical sound it releases. The key point is the addition of some bright sounds into the mix to enhance the baseline during its first steps. After this magnific progression, the early breakdown comes in surrounding us with a delightful atmosphere with a remarkable emotional character. The ambience is set in the outer space therefore the amount of feelings is overwhelming and the emotions travel deep into our mind. The uplift builds up gradually achieving a stunning level of tension, preparing us for the climax. Get ready for a mind trip beyond the galaxy with this masterpiece. We do congratulate Flatlex for this flawless song!

Abide is the producer behind the first remix, and he brings us a totally renewed song where the baseline has taken a deeper character and the melody keeps almost undercover during the progression giving the exact support to the mix and enhancing the path to the breakdown. A very soft ambience welcomes us into this break, performing quite a relaxing and joyful time. But, suddenly, the melody explodes with all its shining strings and drops tons of tension into the mix, which keep on rising until the baseline breaks through, reaching the climax of the song. Surely this is one of the best uplifts we have listened over this year. Abide achieves an unbelievable level of quality and the finest mix of sounds to deliver such a pure Uplifting remix, thank you mate!

The second remix has been produced by Omniks, a producer whose tracks always release the maximum energy, and he shows it again with his breathtaking remix. A banging baseline rides us from the first beat, progressing with wild changes and a powerful bass. This energetic path drives us into the breakdown, which comes in very gradually. Once we have fallen into this break, a mystic soft atmosphere embraces us together with the melody. The uplift is also a remarkable part of this song, rising the melody slowly with a rush of tension, until the sound reaches its top and the baseline is released to create an unbeatable uplifting feeling. The energy will last till the end, making this remix the perfect choice for the most powerful moments of the set. If you like to dance wildly with true energetic music, do not miss this marvel created by Omnkis!

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