Factoria - Flutters Within

UK trance guru Factoria is the next artist to grace Blue Soho with his brand new track, Flutters Within. What a comeback!

Factoria shows us he means business with this track, an energy-fueled intro immediately grips the listener as a dominating saw bass takes centre-stage. Factoria doesn’t disappoint with the melody here either, proving lots of variety all the way to the break and beyond...and what a break it is. A beautiful riff leads into the ghostly piano melody that is then wrenched away from us with the futuristic main lead accompanied by beautiful vocal gates.

George Hales a.k.a Radiate completes the release with his remix. Stripping the track back a bit and concentrating on the underlying harmonies, introducing great melodic touches such as a background piano line and big stabby saw lead, he really make this track his own.

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