We welcome back Elijah Wells aka Ezekiel with another masterpiece providing the treasure for release 239 on Alter Ego Progressive with his third single 'Lost With You'. On remix duties we have progressive wiz kid Eimear.

'Lost With You' is another masterpiece that takes you on glittering journey through a progressive symphony. Slightly different to Elijah's first two releases 'Lost With You' has a stunning Saxophone theme dropping in to a stunning guitar theme breakdown. Silky percussion and an outstanding balearic guitar melody that's perfect for putting you in that summer mood. Just another masterpiece that proves Ezekiel is one to watch.

Eimear gives 'Lost With You' a slightly more uptempo touch with deep bass undertones. Really bringing that guitar out even more and creating even more of a balearic feel, Eimear just completes the package. Get those cocktails out.

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