Hailing from Egypt, duo producers Amr Hassan and Karim Roshdy better known as Exciters, debut on Sundance Recordings with their brand new track called, 'Ruins Of The Heaven'.

'Ruins Of The Heaven' is a powerful but emotive uplifter with solid basslines, gentle acids and an overwhelming main part. This track will make you feel an incredible mix of emotions.

First up on the remix duties, Sebastian Brushwood is back again on Sundance Recordings to show us his phenomenal euphoria & uplifting production with solid basslines, prominent acids, gentle pianos and massive power chords.

Rounding things off, the wonderful Mexican DJ and producer Mike Rodas, who delivers his very own rougher version. He flipped the original into an explosive remix fully charged of insane melodies and wicked sounds.

Don't miss this release!

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