EverLight presents to you his debut artist album "Light Speed".

A producer that has impressed us recently with tracks such as Obelisk and Renegade Bass, EverLight has stepped up to provide a wide array of tracks each of which is different from one another and impressive in it's own right.

My favourite track from the preview and a recent guestmix on "Nocturnal Knights" is "Reflections" which is an amazing piece of uplifting trance. It's easy to drift away to another place while listening to this sort of track and as EverLight himself suggests... it's the perfect flagship for the album

Take a listen to his guestmix for Nocturnal Knights and see what you think:

Be sure to support the artist and buy a copy of the album if you enjoy!



CD 1 - Infra

Anything I Say
Fever Dream
Cat In A Sock
Echoes (Feat Justin B)
Risk Of Rain
Deep Down (Feat Justin B)
The Long Road Home

CD 2 - Ultra

Renegade Bass
Tech Support
Lick It
Roots (Feat Tasso)
Razor Blade (Feat John Dopping & Jay W)
Gut Punch (Feat Tasso)
Light The Way
Plastic People (Feat Ed Lynam)

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Space Garden

he is teasing alot of the album material in this set from last month: https://soundcloud.com/everlight/ultraviolet-june-2021

Space Garden

could be my top 1 album this year, what i heard very creative tracks and alot of variety. there should be some tracks on this for everyones taste.

Space Garden

haha 😀 sure u just wait for the full preview
more i hear more i like it. Paul Miller album is great, but a few years too late for me 😛

Space Garden

EverLight – Reflections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWnD-bxE0Es

Space Garden

EverLight & John Dopping feat. Jay W – Razor Blade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLY34nH2pEw

Space Garden

EverLight feat. Justin B – Echoes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa_aGXb591U