Euphoric Feel - Solitary World

Bringing more uplifting from the main imprint! Upcoming trance producer from Germany is the latest addition to our roster; It is Euphoric Feel from Hamburg! Euphoric Feel has been working on his sound for almost 5 years now and produces music from an inspirational feeling! His efforts reflect on his music as he produces a good quality, uplifting trance track 'Solitary World'. The track starts off with pumping kicks and basslines and even has a combination of guitar and arps in the breakdown! It is certainly commendable!

Remixers on this one are not new to us, we had them before and they are back to give us a remix! Welcome back Hoyaa & Joakim Sjoberg! This duo has been putting a remix to some great tunes, they are doing the same with this one! They add more melodic effects to it, complementing the arps and the melodies in the breakdown. It gives the track a more melodic uplifting effect! Something that all fans love!

Trance All-Stars Records presents 'Solitary World' by Euphoric Feel, including Hoyaa & Joakim Sjoberg Remix!

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