Emre Colak - Strange

TFB Records presents its 170th release, an original track named Strange, produced by Emre Colak; including original mix and a marvelous remix by Mart Sine.

The original song starts with a great uplifting progression, slowly adding more sounds into the mix, and showing little winks of a great melody before the breakdown. This melody reveals a serious soul, which is enhanced with some stunning voices and a breathtaking atmosphere during the breakdown. The main melody performs a very unique part, characterized by a strong tribal essence. Right after it, a short uplift drives us to the main part of the song, where the ambience helps the melody with its vaporous soul to shine above the well produced bass line, achieving a surprising main mix where all the sounds have the same presence. Gorgeous work by Emre Colak showing a very unique uplifting sound. Congratulations mate!

The remix of this song has been produced by Mart Sine, who has kept the deep soul of the original, enhancing the progression with subtle voices and a clear melody. The breakdown comes soon and the pure uplifting soul rises to take the lead of the song, performing a great uplift and empowering the bass line to put a higher energy into the main explosion. This is how the song presents its two different halves, becoming a stronger uplifting one after the breakdown. Amazing choice by Mart Sine keeping a constant progression through the whole song. A very intense uplifting song which matches perfectly into every high quality set, do not miss it. Thanks Mart!

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