Elitist - Fusion 5

Delaforce Recordings presents its 11th release. A track produced by Elitist, titled ‘Fusion 5’ including original mix, and 1 superb remix by Moonrise Temple.

Spanish producer Elitist shows us in the original mix how well he can mix all the power of a massive baseline with incredibly subtle sounds. The ambience is set early in the progression and it makes the path for the breakdown to come. It is when the true soul of the melody appears, stunning us with such a magical sound and its true peace. But suddenly, the energy is back and a gorgeous riff surprises us performing a powerful short uplift, which ends up with the mix of the original baseline and all the magic coming from the ambience and the melody. It is hard to describe how well Elitist has mixed sounds from so different sources, and how brilliant the result is. You can expect the best from this song: energy, magic, emotions and, above all, an incredible mystic Trance experience.

When listening to the Moonrise Temple remix, we will fall into the ocean of feelings the remixer creates since the very beginning. It is almost only baseline but the atmosphere rises incredibly. Few steps after, the breakdown stops the beat, and a wave of pure emotional sounds builds up to embrace us, taking us far away from this world for a while. How the uplift rises after is just undescriptible, it takes enough time to carefully progress and to add everything it has in order to explode as a masterpiece of Uplifting music. This song has an untold level of magic within its beats, it is awesome. Do not miss the chance of getting immerse into this special world that Moonrise Temple has created for us. Huge job!

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