Duncan Newell - Hazard EP

Duncan Newell is the next producer to grace Blue Soho with a 2 track EP with Witness45 Remix.

The first track of the bunch is Hazard, the title track of the EP. Hazard is a beautiful original piece of trance with a simply gorgeous vocal-gated breakdown which culminates in a massive plucky saw lead, euphoric bliss!

Sand Angels is the second track from Duncan. A more laid back affair here, again with a gorgeous vocal chop but with a less in your face, gentle lead riff and a more groovy, melodic mainsection.

Witness45 does not disappoint with the EP remix, sticking to original compostion while proving lots of variety all the way to the break and beyond...and what a break it is. A beautiful riff leads into the ghostly lead melody that is then wrenched away from us with the futuristic main lead. Amazing trancer!

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