Divaiz - I'm Coming For You

Coming from Belarus, Vasia Petrovets aka 'Divaiz' debuts on Sensual Bliss Recordings with the second release of 2015. Rumbling the energetic build, 'I'm Coming For You' is a monster uplifter combining the euphoric feeling and hard synths. Going through the break, the air piano divines this creation, opening the road for a melodic lead controlling the whole atmosphere throughout the entire drop. One delightful composition that you'll definitely enjoy.

On the remix duties, we have 'Silvernova' going hard on the build up before the dreamy pads and the sharp pluck kick in. An acid sequence dominates all the way till the breakdown, when a special piano melody made by the author changes the perspective from the original. Lead comes in with a bang and pretty much takes over all the way till the outro.

The other and final remix in this pack comes from South Korea, 'Plutian' with a typical euphoric-drive uplifting, building to a melodic breakdown. An instrumental break with acoustic drums followed by a cinematic flow till the Eastern ambiance comes in, defining the culture of the artist and representing it in the best possible way. Finally the original lead handles the climax, going out with a style.

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