Devious Minds - The Start

What we have next is feral, primitive and purely evil and wild kind of a release; its by someone so apt to its kind, it will leave you in awe!

We welcome, the newly formed duo of the Indian star and the Polish wonder, 'Devious Minds'! Together they produce tracks that will soon make their through the entire industry; we're thrilled to have them featurin on our label! The alter ego is apt to the style the duo; together they have produced a track that is so deep, livening and energetic in nature that it will enliven you to the core! This track has power, thump and vigor so hard, it will surely dominate its way through; we hope you enjoy it!

The Original is a techlifting trance, so we gotta have something different than that for you too; so we have put someone on the remix duty! Last time he featured on Beyond the Stars was with 'Oblivion', which proved to be a sensation; he is now back, delivering a sensational remix! We welcome back Micheal Flint! Flint perfectly blends in the uplifting and orchestral elements with the original tech-sounding elements, resulting in a pleasingly graceful remix!

Beyond the Stars Recordings presents 'The Star' by Devious Mind, including Micheal Flint remix; enjoy!

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Amazing track and remix!!!