Danny Legatto - Syriana

Danny Legatto comes from Poland and is a DJ and music producer. He is interested in music since 11 years and has devoted himself entirely to music. He likes to play in clubs and radios and in 2005 he decided to create his own music.

A lot of persons stated that he is talented enough to climb upstairs to the established trance producers around the world. He constantly strives after perfectionism in his songs and his sets are known already for moving the people to his performed beats, never leaving the dance floor.

b-sonic is proud to announce his first artist from Poland, Danny Legatto, with his track named 'Syriana'. The track can be described as a euphoric uplifting tune, moved up by a lovely emotional melody reminding the listeners being on the way to heaven.

Because of the strength of the original mix, b-sonic decided to add only one remix, this time done by Johlin, known for several releases on b-sonic. We shortly published Johlin's release 'Monolith', already supported by a lot of well known DJs in the music industry. The remix transforms the original track into the acoustic color of melodic electro tech trance.

Be always curious about b-sonic releases. For us it is and it always will be real passion, passion for happiness.

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